Welcome Michele, Director of Child Enrichment!

Michele Mason to serve as Director of Child Enrichment

We’re thrilled to welcome Michele to our team!

Many of you may know Michele as a local prolife hero, founding and coordinating our local 40 Days for Life program. She also has 35 years experience working with children in various environments, including a background as a child care provider, early childhood and elementary education. After serving as an elementary school teacher, she home-educated her own nine children.

In addition, Michele (in her “spare time”) has been a freelance writer, previously writing monthly articles for Clever Kids and Creative Forecasting Magazines, and wrote four books, one being a Catholic Preschool Bible-Based program for 3- and 4-year-olds.

Michele brings to Mater Filius an excellent combination of true Catholic and prolife perspectives, along with solid experience in caring for and educating children of all ages. She will be implementing the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Toddler program in our Mater Filius Child Enrichment Program at the home.

Please join us in welcoming and praying for Michele as she embarks on our exciting mission of Defending Life with Love!