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Be a Life Defender! Pledges build better futures

Pledge Partners Ensure a Better Future – for us and the moms & babies we will serve

Our new Life Defender Pledge Partner program encourages supporters to consider recurring monthly donations to fund our ongoing operations.

A steady income helps us budget and be the best stewards of our funds. It increases our impact, allowing us to focus on the moms and babies instead of spending more time on raising needed funds.

Our Life Defenders and major donors will also be the first to receive updates and special invitations/announcements as we move forward with our exciting mission of serving pregnant moms and babies.

Even if you just spread out what you would normally give at one time, pledging a recurring monthly or quarterly donation helps us budget and be the best steward of our funds.

To become a Life Defender, simply make a donation on our Give page and choose “Recurring” after your selected amount. Or contact Executive Director Lisa Schmitz to help you set it up: or 719-900-2801.

May God reward you for your generosity for Defending Life with Love!